Current Deployments


The iNethi deployment will provide low-cost Internet access and access to localized iNethi services. The network will use 5GHz Wifi and TV White Space mesh networking to connect WiFi hotspots and payments for services will use cryptocurrency. Resident will be able to earn cryptocurrency-based income by (1) Advertising an Internet gateway service, (2) routing Internet traffic through their mesh router, (3) Providing WiFi hotspot access and (4) Selling low-cost localized services such as storage or video streaming on the iNethi network.

The initial deployment will be limited to Ocean View and Masiphumelele(Masi) and for the first phase, high traffic or strategic areas such as schools, libraries and NGOs will be targeted. In later phases, wider coverage over the townships is expected.

Map of the initial iNethi deployments

Ocean View

The phase 1 deployment in Ocean view will target connectivity at Ocean View high school, some nearby flats where many high school pupils
live, the library, the sport field and the Rasta camp on the mountain.

This deployment will provide a richer education experience for learners, provide resources for musicians and artists to share their creations as well as a localised sharing, chat and social networking
platform for Ocean View residents.


The phase 1 deployment in Masi will target connectivity around a number of NGO facilities in Masi as well as the taxi rank, and library
and primary and high school.

We will focus on enhancing the ability of NGOs to reach the community and engage with NGO material stored on the iNethi platform, provide education resources for learners at the school and also provide a localised sharing, chat and social networking for Masi residents.