Current Deployments


iNethi deployments provides low-cost Internet access and free access to localized iNethi resources and services including but not limited to file storage, video streaming, website hosting and educational content. Networks use mixed 2.4 GHz and 5GHz WiFi mesh networking and point-to-point links to cover large areas. Payments for Internet access makes use of a voucher system powered by RadiusDesk and can be linked to our community inclusion voucers, powered by Grassroots Economics.

Ocean View, South Africa

 Ocean View is a low-income community located in Cape Town, South Africa. This is the longest serving deployment of iNethi and started in 2018. Originally, a cooperative deployed a number of WiFi mesh points across the community connected to localized services running on the iNethi platform. From 2021 onwards a local community champion who runs a locally owned Wireless Internet Service Provider, Black Equations, has expanded the network to have 20 hot spots that fully supports iNethi and community vouchers.

Kilifi, Kenya

In 2021 Grassroots economics and iNethi partnered to introduce a community network to the costal town of Kilifi in Kenya. Through this partnership, 7 WiFi hotspots have been installed, allowing community members to purchase Internet access vouchers using community inclusion vouchers. From these hotspots community members can also access iNethi's locally hosted servies.

 CoMaCH Networks, South Africa

In collaboration with the University of Cape Town, iNethi has helped the researchers behind the Co-designing Community-based ICTs Interventions for Maternal and Child Health (CoMaCH) network, deploy iNethi in Sweetwaters, Pietermaritzburg and Ga-Dikgale, Limpopo, South Africa (2023 - present). The CoMaCH project aims to introduce digital interventions to support maternal and child health in low-income communities.

Karonga, Malawi

Karonga is a township in the Karonga District in Northern Region of Malawi. Located on the western shore of Lake Nyasa, it was established as a slaving centre sometime before 1877. Fast Networks and iNethi have partnered to deliver offline content to community members with a special focus on educational material.