5 November 2021: iNethi wins at IEEE Connect the Unconnected

iNethi was awarded 1st place in the community enablement category at the IEEE Connect the Unconnected competition 

iNethi seeks to work with communities to co-design a content sharing and services platform for community wireless networks. Our goal is to build more resilient communities by using information technologies to help them tap into local creativity, innovation, and other resources, with an eye towards improvement of socio-economic status.

The result of this co-design exercise is our current iNethi platform - an extendable docker-based locally-hosted server that allows users to easily generate and share content as well as synchronize this content between the global and local cloud. It is a constantly evolving system and fully open source so check back often to see what's new. Below you will find a link to the code, if you want to deploy iNethi on your own server or click the link below to try out the global version of iNethi.

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